Hi, I'm Ömer 👋🏻

I am a front-end developer & social media consultant based in Istanbul working on marketing and web design.

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What I’m doing now. An update on my current focus & activities | Last updated on Jun 4, 2024

📐 I am working as a freelancer
🧠 I'm trying to improve myself on Next.js
📚 Reading - Feel Good Productivity - Ali Abdaal
📻 Watching - Silo Season 1
📍 Living in Berlin, Germany

Pedestal - Eurovision version by Aiko
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  • Jan2023 - Current
    Community Manager

    Responsible for managing and growing the community and social media presence for digital and tabletop games at P1choice. I led initiatives to boost community engagement, coordinated with developers to refine games based on user feedback, and drove social media strategies that enhanced brand visibility and user interaction.

  • Jan2021 - Current
    Up Quod

    I lead its development and the building of innovative prototypes, which make sustainable agriculture more accessible and more affordable. In this capacity, I manage the strategic direction for the company, product development, and research to lower nutrient and transportation expenses in farming.

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